About Us

The mission of "Famuly Affair" is to connect Rattlers near and far. "Famuly Affair" was created during the summer of 2010 by FAMU Alumna Ciera Hall 2011-2012 Queen of Orange and Green of Tampa, FL.  The network garners a union between past, present and future Rattlers.

Famuly Affair allows Rattlers all over the world to continue sharing a sense of pride of being on the "Hill" at any given time via our Facebook Fan Page, Instagram, Twitter, and apparel. The network has a history of developing relationships with Rattlers worldwide. Our Facebook Fan Page is over 17,000 fans and the numbers are constantly growing daily. Famuans have often referred to Famuly Affair’s website as an "online yearbook" as they peruse facebook albums and reminisce their experiences on the "Hill".

The difference between "Famuly Affair" is that we specialize in capturing the essence and promoting Rattler Pride. Famuly Affair was trademarked by Ciera Hall in 2013 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

For now, all revenue incurred will support the growth of the Famuly Affair brand. We have plans to offer scholarships, internships and campus rep opportunities to the students, Alumni and supporters of FAMU in the near future.