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Remember not long ago when you were a struggling student aspiring to realize the dream of becoming who you are today? You vowed once you reached success, you would make life easier for another struggling student who reminded you of your situation. Now, is your time to pay it forward and mentor students from afar. Our FAMULY TREE gives alumni an opportunity to make good on those promises of helping our younger generation of rattlers without limiting your giving to monetary donations. Analyze the times you may have received an envelope requesting a pledge to the university and desired to give back but didn’t? Plagued with guilt or shame for sitting back and watching students and the school we know and love struggle with one situation or another? Why is that? When FAMU has such of broad base of graduates who are world renowned for our talent and intellect.

Our FAMULY is a conglomerate of influential people who have a very powerful network. We are comprised of lawyers, doctors, nurses, actors/actresses, CEOs of major companies, military veterans, teachers, movie directors, accountants, musicians, news anchors, U.S. diplomats etc. Do you get the picture? An empire could never materialize if no one recognizes or is willing to start its existence. Our FAMULY will build a FOR US BY US type of network that is transparent to all donors and never stops growing. We encourage our followers to join links and form partnerships that promote growth of students in their prospective career fields.

History of Famuly Affair and Future Aspirations

Since its inception, in the year of 2010, our FAMULY AFFAIR website has grown a network capacity of more than 20,000 people globally and has been a valuable resource on FAMU’s campus. Through its affiliation of Student Government Association, Office of Student Activities, and FAMU’s Athletic program, our photography teams played an integral part in galvanizing students, faculty, organizations, celebrities, etc., to share in one common purpose, UNITY for the love of FAMU. After setting a campus milestone in social media by way of using an online photo gallery, FAMULY AFFAIR has left an imprint for others to pattern their unique Rattler endeavors after for a lifetime. Although our mission of unifying Rattlers remains the same, we have broadened our scope for a greater vision. Help our FAMULY Tree GROW!

Your donation will be displayed in the form of a leaf print left on the branches of our FAMULY Tree. Your leaf print represents a life-long commitment to FAMU’s legacy and signifies the diversity in our professions beyond our collegiate experience. The branches bond each of us together for years to come while extending new branches to future alumnus. Together we form a unit of scholarly power that is deeply rooted in the preservation and development of new generations of Rattlers.

 We encourage you to join FAMULY Affair in the opportunity to give back to our beloved university in a way like no other. We will honor this tree by giving $1 every year to keep our legacy growing. Our goal is to extend a hand to Rattlers in need. Your donation will give a fellow Rattler the opportunity to G.R.O.W. in our “Giving Rattlers Opportunities Worldwide” mentorship program. This program gives current students a chance to connect and network with established Rattlers worldwide.

Scholarship, Internship, and Mentorship opportunities will be available for Rattlers……” The FAMULY Tree”, where our collegiate roots run deep within the red clay and soil of Tallahassee, Florida; but our branches spread all over God’s earth, creating a global impact.

Welcome to the FAMULY!  A tree that keeps on giving……….

Donate TODAY!

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